Epson WF-3820

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My family bought an Epson WF-3820 printer. This is how to set it up over the network with Linux.

Setting the IP[edit | edit source]

Go to your router page and find whatever IP the Epson scanner has taken under DHCP.

Go to https://THE_IP/ (replace THE_IP with the IP) and set up administrator credentials

Go to the network page and set a static IP, at least for IPv4.

In the end you should have an IP like

Remember that when using IPv6 you have to surround the IP (not the port) in brackets.

Printing[edit | edit source]

Install CUPS somehow on your system.

Go to http://localhost:631/ and add a printer using the Administration tab.

Set the type to 'Internet Printing Protocol (https)' with the location as https://THE_IP:631/ipp/print .

Set the make and model to Generic IPP Everywhere Printer.


Scanning[edit | edit source]

Install SANE and sane-airscan, we'll be using AirScan or AirPrint.

Under the [devices] section in /etc/sane.d/airscan.conf, add the printer like this:

"Epson" = https://MY_IP/eSCL


Wi-Fi disconnection[edit | edit source]

One time the printer just stopped responding over Wi-Fi. Rebooting fixed it.