STM32MP157F-DK2/40 pin pinout

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The STM32MP157F-DK2 provides a connector compatible with the Raspberry Pi 40 pin pinout. Here's a quick reference of the various pins groups. All pins aside power and ground can be used as GPIO unless noted otherwise.

Power pins:

  • 3V3 on pins 1 and 17
  • 5V on pins 2 and 4

Ground pins:

  • GND on pins 6, 9, 14, 20, 25, 30, 34, 39

I2C pins:

  • I2C5 SDA on pin 3 (STM32 pin PA12)
  • I2C5 SCL on pin 5 (STM32 pin PA11)
  • I2C1 SDA on pin 27 (STM32 pin PF15)
  • I2C1 SCL on pin 28 (STM32 pin PD12)
  • I2C5 is I2C1 on the Raspberry Pi
  • I2C1 is IC20 on the Raspberry Pi

MCO pins:

  • MCO1 on pin 7 (STM32 pin PA8)
  • MCO2 on pin 29 (STM32 pin PG2)
  • MCO1 is GPCLK0 on the Raspberry Pi
  • MCO2 is GPCLK1 on the Raspberry Pi

UART pins:

  • UART3 TX on pin 8 (STM32 pin PB10)
  • UART3 RX on pin 10 (STM32 pin PB12)
  • UART3 RTS on pin 11 (STM32 pin PG8)
  • UART3 CTS on pin 36 (STM32 pin PB13)
  • UART3 is UART0 on the Raspberry Pi

SAI pins:

  • SAI2 SCKA on pin 12 (STM32 pin PI5)
  • SAI2 FSA on pin 35 (STM32 pin PI7)
  • SAI2 SDA on pin 38 (STM32 pin PI6)
  • SAI2 SDB on pin 40 (STM32 pin PF11)
  • SAI2 is PCM on the Raspberry Pi
  • SAI2 pins are only usable as GPIO unless you desolder some bridges (see the user manual)

SDMMC pins:

  • SDMMC3 CK on pin 15 (STM32 pin PG15)
  • SDMMC3 CMD on pin 16 (STM32 pin PF1)
  • SDMMC3 D0 on pin 18 (STM32 pin PF0)
  • SDMMC3 D1 on pin 22 (STM32 pin PF4)
  • SDMMC3 D2 on pin 37 (STM32 pin PF5)
  • SDMMC3 D3 on pin 13 (STM32 pin PD7)
  • SDMMC3 is SD0 on the Raspberry Pi

SPI pins:

  • SPI5 MOSI on pin 19 (STM32 pin PF9)
  • SPI5 MISO on pin 21 (STM32 pin PF8)
  • SPI5 SCK on pin 23 (STM32 pin PF7)
  • SPI5 NSS on pin 24 (STM32 pin PF6)
  • Chip select GPIO on pin 26 (STM32 pin PF3)
  • SPI5 is SPI0 on the Raspberry Pi
  • SPI5 NSS is SPI0 CE 0 on the Raspberry Pi
  • Chip select GPIO is CE 1 on the Raspberry Pi

Timer pins:

  • TIM5 CH2 on pin 31 (STM32 pin PH11)
  • TIM4 CH2 on pin 32 (STM32 pin PD13)
  • TIM3 CH2 on pin 33 (STM32 pin PC7)
  • TIM4 CH2 is PWM0 on the Raspberry Pi
  • TIM3 CH2 is PWM1 on the Raspberry Pi