AMD Geode/Video 2

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This is my page documenting the upcoming part 2 of the AMD Geode repair series.

This video will mostly be going over the soldering work between part 1 and the future part 3 where we're back to diagnostics.

Overall progress[edit | edit source]

Done[edit | edit source]

  • Editing: Scrubbed through and cut up all the needed footage
  • Editing: Decided on scope of video
  • Editing: Cut the video down to an appropriate size

To do[edit | edit source]

  • Write script based on video segments
  • Explain each attempt
  • Voice-over

Postponed for part 3[edit | edit source]

  • Clarify mistake about shunt schematic
  • Clarify mistake about video schematic
  • Probe ESD diodes
  • Look at DAC code briefly
  • Test mode
  • Contact cleaner
  • DAVdd measurement and fix