AMD Geode/Video 2

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This page is about the Repairing an AMD Geode: Part 2 video.

This video goes over the soldering work between part 1 and the future part 3 where we're back to diagnostics.

Footage was shot late March 2022, but only edited sporadically in August 2022 and Jan 2023. I really wasn't enjoying trying to write and talk over a 15 minute video where I just solder badly.

I decided in early May 2023 to scrap the voice-over and just put some music over it. This managed to get the video released.

Video explanation[edit | edit source]

I filmed this almost of the video as a continuos 6 hour session, with 4 hours being soldering. This was not a good idea. In fact, the entire video is filled with almost entirely bad ideas.

Here's a broad listing of takeaways you should have:

  • Don't solder for more than an hour at a time
  • Take breaks when you're frustrated
  • Perform each action with a plan and stop if it fails

I failed almost all of these and instead tried to brute force through the process. Trying to continue a project that requires thought and attention after burning through those 15 minutes in did not work.

Specific mistakes in the video:

  • I used too large a tip for most of it
  • I removed an imperfect pad instead of soldering on to it
  • I didn't use my too small pad strips as I thought running wire would be easier
  • I didn't tin the copper pads I made
  • I tried to use overcoat to bond pads to the board
  • I wanted to use tape to hold the pads down while heating but I didn't cut it too size and lifted the new pads
  • I spent way too long setting the pads and adding epoxy
  • I didn't remove the wire enamel before soldering
  • I didn't tape down the inductors and wires while soldering
  • I went around to 'touch up' random joints without a plan
  • I used the wrong iron shape to touch up the network IC joints
  • I couldn't get a solder blob to flow and added braid instead, creating more thermal mass

Things I actually did well in the video:

  • I cleaned up the flux mess as I went
  • I fixed the VGA port
  • I used nail polish to coat the exposed network IC pins

Mistakes outside of the video:

  • I misplaced the SMD capacitors I was going to solder

I think I learned a lot. I felt really bad about having this video to show for it, but I think I did okay all things considered.

Overall progress[edit | edit source]

Done[edit | edit source]

  • Editing: Scrubbed through and cut up all the needed footage
  • Editing: Decided on scope of video
  • Editing: Cut the video down to an appropriate size
  • Editing: Added music and rendered
  • Wiki: Video explanation

Postponed for part 3[edit | edit source]

  • Clarify mistake about shunt schematic
  • Clarify mistake about video schematic
  • Probe ESD diodes
  • Look at DAC code briefly
  • Test mode
  • Contact cleaner
  • DAVdd measurement and fix

Scrapped[edit | edit source]

  • Write script based on video segments
  • Explain each attempt
  • Voice-over