AMD Geode/Video 3

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Video 3 will be about how I messed up, and fixing VGA brightness.

See AMD Geode/Video 3/Script for a textual description of the video.


I attempted to save my time and sanity by editing and subtitling the video first while writing the script then recording the voice over last. As a rule of thumb it seems each line of narration tends to be around 5 seconds.

I did attempt to produce the video in Blender but quickly went back to Kdenlive and Inkscape.

Overall progress

To do

  • Chapter: Measurement
  • Chapter: Repair
  • Chapter: BIOS editing
  • Chapter: Ethernet removal
  • Chapter: BIOS flashing
  • Chapter: Conclusion
  • Voice over


  • Chapter: Accessibility notice
  • Chapter: Recount
  • Chapter: Lessons learned
  • Chapter: Writing code