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Here's a list of links to cool things you might like or I use frequently. Have any cool links? Add them! Though please respect if I remove or modify them.

Please note that most of these links are curated: I've spent time verifying to my best ability that these links are to resources that are accurate, complete, up to date and useful.

Individuals[edit | edit source]

My friend's personal pages:

Organizations[edit | edit source]

Electronics[edit | edit source]

Knowledge sources[edit | edit source]

Linux tools[edit | edit source]

Programming documentation[edit | edit source]

Unix documentation[edit | edit source]

Unix source code[edit | edit source]

DOS documentation[edit | edit source]

DOS source code[edit | edit source]

DOS tools[edit | edit source]

Windows documentation[edit | edit source]

ISA documentation[edit | edit source]