Accessibility policy

From JookWiki

Accessibility is extremely important to me and factors in to every decision I make about this website and other projects I work on. I spend significant time ensuring people of all types can access, read and understand the things I write here.

In an ideal world it would be possible for any person wanting to read my writings to access a complete understanding of what I'm trying to express. Unfortunately that world doesn't exist. I'm just a single person with limited time.

That said I strive for that ideal. I do that by:

  • Writing plainly and to the point
  • Ensuring this website can be navigated easily
  • Providing descriptions of images and other non-text data
  • Letting anyone edit, copy and improve my writings
  • Testing website with assistive technologies
  • Improving this website's user interface when possible
  • Having friends proof read my writings
  • Listening to feedback

If you're unable to access or understand my writings, please contact me and provide some feedback. I'm happy to elaborate or discuss my writings with you, or provide tailored versions that fit your needs if I have the time.